Mariusz Mączka. I was born in 1973 in Dobiegniew. When I was fifteen I broke my spine after an unfortunate dive into the water. I started painting a few years ago. My favourite themes are horse paintings, and recently portraits and nudes. I work in oils and pencil. I live in Dobiegniew. I work with AMUN Publishing House since 2000. I joined Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association in 2007.

I got interested in painting when I read a book about a girl
who has broken her spine after a jump into the water. She painted with her mouth.

I could not have imagined that her example will alter my live forever.
Since then I started my huge love affair with paining.
I started with face sketches, landscapes and still lives.
That was not enough and I decided to jump into the water and take up oil painting.
Then I realised that this technique will preoccupy my life.

I am fascinated with the Polish painters such as
Kossak, Matejko, Chełmoński, or Malczewski.

Painting horses is my greatest passion.
I think that the beauty that horses have is really worth perpetuating.
Their wildness and freedom motivate me to develop my skills.
Painting has changed my live. It made me more open and confident.

I met a lot of wonderful people who thought me how to live to the fullest
and how to give myself to others by supporting them in hard times.
To put it short, this passion breathed life into me.

Mariusz Maczka

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